Recovery Plan

It is always crucial to have a recovery plan for opioid addiction. Most importantly, these plans are designed specifically for each individual. Every addiction is unique, and all individuals struggling with addiction have their own unique circumstances. That is why we personalize our plans and tailor them to meet the needs of each person. The plan begins with pre-care, followed by detoxification and rehabilitation, and concludes with aftercare. Several factors are taken into consideration, such as the type and duration of opioid use, the reasons for and methods of opioid involvement, the individual's age, health, and financial situation, among others. These are just a few examples. All our clients embark on their recovery journey by being assigned an experienced therapist who will guide them throughout the entire plan. Additionally, most clients will work with our medical doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and may choose to enter a rehabilitation program, with their permission. Participation in different parts of the program is determined by our professionals based on what they deem necessary for each patient.Our plans also include suggested daily routines provided by the professionals.

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